Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pippster's Picks (and more).

 As a business owner I love it when I come into work after my day off and see that my employees have taken initiative and done something really creative and fun.  
So Monday when I came into the shop I was merchandising and checking out our inventory and I get to our shelves and see this! 

Pippster's Picks! 
The little signs say "Elyse is elated by these selections", Nicole's fond of these finds" & Rachael raves about these items".
 Woot, to taking initiative and adding something great to Pippi's.  I hear they want to add photos of themselves and switch up their picks regularly so come on in and check out  "The Pippster's Picks!" These girls have great taste, and I look forward to seeing this project evolve.  (Great job Pippsters!)

And we got new socks!!!

Awesome patterned knee highs from Sox Trot.

Sweet spring socks from Ozone.

And some of our long awaited Footless tights for girls, we also have matching socks.

Before I left today UPS dropped off two boxes of Foot Traffic too!  That means some new:
toe socks, legwarmers, no show 3 packs and colorful fishnets...

On a personal note, I don't know how it is already the 11th but that means just 30 days until Zoey's due date!!!

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