Saturday, May 28, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday!

5 years ago we opened Pippi's Longstockings, a sweet little sock shop in a 200 square foot space carved out of the front show room of my father's bed store, Flobeds (I couldn't have done it without you Pops!)
I ran the shop 7 days a week those first few years, we built a great and loyal following (couldn't have done it without great customers either!)
Now five years later we are in a space more than 4x the size we started in and I am able to have wonderful employees who care about the shop work for me and manage the store while I take a maternity leave. How far we have come!
This weekend as a thank you to all of our customers we have yummy cupcakes, (come on in and check them out) the Pippsters got super creative and made some great cupcakes!

Cute cupcakes by Elyse <3

Creepy cute cupcakes by Nicole<3

Rowan enjoying her special ladybug cupcake! 

We also have gifts with purchases to hand out but those are going fast so come in early!
Thank you so much sock lovers for the continued support!
Happy Memorial Day weekend!

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Well, I have gotten a little sidetracked from keeping up on my blogging this past week  or so, but life just seems so busy.  I have been trying to prepare Pippi's for my "maternity leave", (really I just wont be on the floor but I will be sort of around).  The Pippsters are ready, they can hold down the fort while I am out and do the daily stuff, (heck they've done it before) but I am trying to get my end of things organized.  That's the challenge.  My last day on the floor is tomorrow (thanks again to the Pippsters coming through in my time of need).  And next week I will spend off the floor at my desk making lists and checking them twice....Just 2 weeks left till Baby Zoey is due!!!

(I will be posting more on this tomorrow), but...drum roll.....
Pippi's Longstockings has been open 5 years as of tomorrow!  Hard to believe, but it's true!  So this Memorial Day weekend is a big thing for us at Pippi's we are gonna have cupcakes for all our lovely customers as well as gifts with purchase (while supplies last). I am excited. This weekend is always fun; there's the Quilt Show downtown, Pippi's birthday, and Marshall's folks are coming to town. So, we will have a super fun, super busy weekend to look forward to. I hope we see all of our loyal customers out and about this weekend, and I am keeping my toes crossed for sun!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Growing up!

Rowan has been potty trained for a long time now but we were still diapering her at night.. For the last few weeks she has been dry in the morning so as of yesterday ... No more diapers!!!  Until Baby Zoey is here of course, but no more diapers for Rowan! I am so excited and so is she, tonight while she was getting her PJ's on she was very proud to have undies on instead of diapers.

Daddy sliding with Rowan,  her arms up to go down the slide.

I had this weekend off which was nice, Marshall encouraged me to get out by myself yesterday for a bit so I went to see a movie, indulged in popcorn and brewers yeast yum...

When I got home we spent the afternoon together and had a really nice day.  I usually work Sundays but Marsh played in a golf tournament so Rowan and I had a very nice, super mellow pajama Sunday, it was luxurious.  Puzzles, books, stickers, snacks, books, play-dough, more books what more could I ask for:)  Heck she even made me multiple meals in her kitchen...most of what I was served, she told me was milk and orange juice, which she served to me in a peanut butter jar and instructed me to eat it with a spoon.  But hey, no judgment here, I'm no culinary genius.

We had a sweet day and although I am very excited to have another little girl I think I will miss these special days with just me and Rowan.

Goodbye sweet Sunday, hello Miss Monday!  I'm at Pippi's this week gonna be a busy mama, only three weeks till I take myself off the schedule, gotta get the shop ready!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day

Well, life got a little hectic last week and I didn't get a chance to post anything, but Rowan is taking a nap so I thought I would take advantage of the time!

Last week when Marsh and I realized Mother's day was soon approaching, he asked what I wanted and I told him I just wanted to work on our yard and garden.  But, being super pregnant that meant I really needed him to do most of the hard labor and I wanted to get my hands in the soft dirt and plant.  So my dear husband spent 3 afternoons mowing our very neglected back yard.  (See his blog post about Mother's Day, and check out the pictures of the lawn.).  The lawn was almost as tall as me and the first day he cut a "secret path" for Rowan to run through, which I loved because when I was a kid my dad did the same for me and my brother.

Anyway, he cut the lawn, trimmed the edges and helped me weed my garden bed. Yeah Daddy!  On Mother's Day he and Rowan made me a yummy breakfast and Daddy gave Ro and I, Mom and Daughter gardening totes and tools! (Rowan is really into matching, "Same, same!")  Then he took me to pick out a few plants and we finally got a tree for Rowan to plant with her placenta (I know some people are grossed out by the idea but I think it's cool to have a tree nourished by the same thing that nourished you in the womb.)  We went with a flowering Lilac it wont get too big and I love the way they smell.

We got all our veggies in the garden bed, planted our tree and spent a lovely day in the sunshine, perfect!

Then we swung by Gaga's house to say wish her a Happy Mother's Day. 

Rowan enjoying her sour grass with Gaga.
 We joined my folks on their back porch, enjoyed the sun some more. Rowan picked and enjoyed her favorite, sour grass, and then they invited us out to dinner.

Eating dinner, my sweet girl will eat just about anything, (as long as it's not spicy!)

So the perfect end to a perfect day: Thai food and family.

I hope all the other mommies out there had great a Mother's Day too.  
(I know a lot of moms got sweet socks from Pippi's, woot!)

And check back later this week, Pippi's has got a lot of fun new stuff in, I will be taking pictures putting a post up about that soon.  (Sweet knee highs from Sox Trot, Leggings for kids from Country Kids, Ozone, Jewelry and scarves and more!!!)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Woot, Daddy is Home!

Daddy is home, and right now he is putting Rowan to bed (thank you Daddy!!!) and I am getting some time to catch up on the inter webs.  

Rowan and I had a great time while Daddy was away, we defiantly missed our Pops but girl time was nice.

It was nice to have our schedule kind of wide open, with no one to think about but us.  Don't get me wrong, I do not want Daddy to go away more often, no I love having him around.  But we were able to just go with the flow (it also helped that I did not work while he was on his trip, so that made it really easy to take the moments as they came).
We had great fun adventure filled days, and at the same time didn't do too much.  We played outside a lot, planted some flowers, and took advantage of the sun.   I hope the sun sticks around for a while!

Here is my little photo recap of some moments we had these past few days:

Don't ask why, but once she was in she did not want to get out!

Our regular stop at Headlands Coffee house, every time we go she heads straight for the toys grabs this one and takes a table!  (This turned from a to-go stop to a sit down affair.)

Mom did have to stop into Pippi's to do a little work (the glamorous life  a business owner ;) ).  Luckily, Rowan was happy to stop by Mark's (Cirino's Sandwich Shop) next door and get a pickle.

Friday, we had a wonderful day with friends.  These two sweet girls took a break from jumping to  help me cut veggies for dinner, (notice their hands).

And of course we sent some pics to Pops...Rowan wanted to show him how she felt...

Her I miss you face.

And an excited face.

Saturday, we had a nice walk on the haul road with a dear friend.

Rowan rode her trike and sang songs pretty much the entire time, (it was awesome)!

And somehow it is May already! I don't know where time is going but it is going fast, six more weeks until baby Zoey will be joining us.  I feel a little unprepared, but everything will be done eventually, so I just breathe. 

Rowan and I are working the shop again Monday.  She is excited to help me at Pippi's, and I am glad I snuck in this morning and got the book keeping done, that would be a challenge with my girl there!  So maybe we will see some of you sock lovers down town.  We did get in some kids tights (finally) and a bunch of Ozone socks <3 (yea new stuff)!