Saturday, November 19, 2011

Before the Madness...

Before the madness of this coming week begins, (Pippi's is about to get CRAZY!!!) I wanted to squeeze a post in.
We Have had a lovely week, Pippi's has been busy and is super full of amazing stuff (just the way I like it)  tons of new hats and scarves...and duh, socks!
The KIDs both had check ups and are doing great.  As we knew Rowan is petite for her age (but her head is big, pretty sure she gets that from her Pops!)  And our little Zo is in the 95% for height and 90% for weight! Yay, healthy kid, I thought he seemed tall and I guess I was right.  The funny thing is that when Rowan was a baby I used to rock with her in our rocker, and around her 1st birthday her feet started to hit the arm rest, I was sad because she was growing up so fast.  Now Zo's feet all ready hit and he is just 5 months!

Also we had a lovely day with two of our little buddies they came over for an afternoon of Lego's, make believe and dancing. Here are some sweet pictures from our play day:

And, woohoo, Zo can sit up by herself now! He is loving being a part of the action.

Little Z's playing<3

Zo's hand is waving in front of the camera but the KIDs look so sweet I had to include it.

Blurry dancing hugs.

So, now I have to prep for shopping madness, I am super excited!  I love this time of year!  See you at Pippi's, (and don't forget to come in soon for the best gift selection before Christmas!)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sprout Island

I am trying to soak in all the sun we have left.  Yesterday when I told Rowan we were headed home and she said that she really wanted to go to "Sprout Island" I said "Oh, that sounds fun...Do you think Sprout Island is in the back yard or the front yard?"  Thankfully she went for it and said back yard.  So we packed some "supplies" and spread out our blanket in Sprout Island.  I just love being outside with the kids.  It calms all of us, and we can just be.   Here are some pictures from Sprout Island:

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Rockin' at Pippi's

So, November is here.  I am playing the balancing game big time!

I'm sure everyone struggles with keeping their lives balanced.  I feel it more so now that I have a family.
When it was just Marshall and I it was so much easier to balance out my life.  Sure, I worked nearly everyday at Pippi's before we moved to our current location; but, when I was at work from 9:00-7:00 almost everyday I always finished my to do lists.  When I got home I could just be home, done with work!
These days finding time for my husband between my kids and my sanity is hard enough, add Pippi's into the mix and well, sanity is out the widow.

So, I am only on the floor at the shop three days a week right now; and I take my little Zo,  (I don't think he would stand for more days). I usually go in one night a week  to fit in all the stuff I don't get to during the day.  I go after the kids are asleep and work until the wee hours of the night.  But, Zo has started waking up around 10:00pm to nurse, so my all night work sessions are cut short.  Today I decided to go in when the kids woke up at 6am.  Zo is a morning kid and  does okay without me for a bit in the mornings.

So I got to Pippi' before the sun this morning and rocked the shop! This is my current morning jam:

So I rocked out and got tons of wonderful new Smarwool out!  I love Smartwool and it is Marshall's favorite brand too!

The teal socks on the left are my favorite style this season.  That is a pair!  They mismatch and are so lovely...I have it in every color (restraint is not one of my strengths).

New styles and re-stocked on everything! (I will take a better picture soon this one is a little blurry from my phone.)

We also have lots of other new styles in, here is a mini pre-view:

Life is Good snuggle socks, super cozy.

Holiday crew socks in our bookshelf.

Ozone socks, this is another one of my favorite lines.

OMG this Ozone sock is amazing, I am so in love with it!

I had a great morning at the shop.  I love feeling super productive it just sets me up for a lovely day, which we had (I think I will blog about my family day(s) tomorrow).  I headed home after I finished with Smartwool, Miss Elyse came in and worked the floor, and our wonderful customers filled the shop today.  Thank you Pippi customers for supporting Pippi's and shopping at a mom and pop shop, we really appreciate your business. 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Love Fall

Happy Halloween!

I love this time of year...the air smells good, and crisp.  The weather (here) is actually really nice.  We are entering into what some people call "Holiday madness", but I LOVE it! I love helping people gift shop, I love a shop full of customers, full of socks, all my favorite types of socks; Fall colors, cozy goodness, and tights galore!

I Love, super cozy B.ella socks...
What? Cashmere socks you can wash and dry, um yeah that's defiantly something everyone needs.

 And I get to do holiday crafts with my kid and enjoy her love and amazement of the world.  

Pumpkin, drawn by Rowan & carved by mommy. (I was pretty impressed with her design.)

  We have our moments when we struggle, I think that is hard to avoid when spending a lot of time with anyone, (toddler or adult!)  But we have been enjoying our days so very much.

On this day we walked up to the high school to meet Pops when he was getting off work.  Rowan decided to take Pippi in her stroller.

On my days off we take our morning walk, where we usually swing by Pippi's and say hello, grab a drink at Headlands Coffee house and then say hi to our peeps over at FloBeds.  Rowan can pedal on her trike now so she has been riding her bike downtown which has been great.
Zo is teething, big time, right now so she is chewing on anything and everything that she can get into her mouth and she doesn't want mommy out of her site.  On one hand that makes it really hard to get anything done and feel productive, but on the other I love being with her all the time and I want to soak in all the baby goodness that I can before shes all grown up!

Baby sweetness.

Halloween was awesome.  Rowan wanted to be a ghost ( i know right? I was super excited to make her some really fun creative costume and she says ghost!)  But hey she wanted to be a ghost so what was I gonna do?  I made her a super cute ghost costume :

Ro & her friend. 
(There is a cute little heart sewn on the ghost costume but you can't see it in this picture.)

I did get a picture of Zo and I at work earlier in the day...

Okay sure I just wore my regular clothes plus a witch hat, but hey I'm a busy year I will be more creative! 
Gaga gave Zo the super cute ducky costume, thanks Gaga she was adorable!

  We trick or treated down the block and Ro had a great time.  Then we me up with our good friends and treated our way back home.  The kids played while moms and dads hung out, made and ate yummy tacos, put babies to sleep and passed out candy (to over 900 trick or treaters, - yeah it's crazy on our block).

Who had fun?  Ro did!

I worked today and started training a new Pippster!  I am excited to add another person to the Pippi fam.  After work my kids and I enjoyed a mellow day at home.

Zo nursed while Ro danced.

and played dress up...

Rowan's friend gave her some wonderful dolly bunk beds and a little chair that she had grown out of and we promtly set them up and put our babies to bed!

Rowan reading a book to her babies in their new bed.

And now my baby is waking, so I am going to rush off and lay with her good night & sweet dreams.