Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Working with Zoey...

Working with Zoey is not so much working ...
I am not new to working with babe in tow.  I brought Rowan to work regularly until she was almost two.  As long as she was asleep in the pack before we opened it was all good, she would sleep till noon and play until we were off work.  Sure she got fussy sometimes, but she was not a loud baby and nursing was her cure all.  But, my dear sweet little Zoey, I want to work with her so badly, but this past Friday I had to call my mom to help me because she was crying and inconsolable.  I know think I know why; she was tired (because even though I had her asleep in the pack before I opened, she wakes up when she hears customers, she likes to socialize...) and she probably needed to nurse but she refused...  Too much going on at Pippi's maybe... Anyway, my mom picked her up and took her to my house where she can sleep in her own space and hopefully take the bottle I pumped for her.
So what do I do?  I need to work, and I need my baby, but she is not happy at work.
Looks like I have some thinking to do. 
On another note ... we have lots of get new stock for spring and UPS just dropped off some Sock it to Me socks! Woo hoo!
Come on downtown enjoy the sunshine while we have it and pick up some sweet new socks!