Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Lucky to Live Here

"You are so lucky to live here."  Working downtown I hear this nearly every day from people visiting Fort Bragg, and I know it. We are so lucky to live here. It can be easy to forget to stop and appreciate it as we go through our daily lives. Family, work and the stresses of life, can easily interrupt us in being grateful for this place we call home.

Our beautiful, small town, the ocean blocks away, fresh air, trails on the coast and in the woods, and  our gorgeous downtown full of locally owned businesses, no big box stores here!

As a business owner I know of course glass beach and the coastal trail are currently big draws to Fort Bragg, but many of our annual or bi-annual visitors save their shopping trips for Fort Bragg as well.  They appreciate our downtown for its individuality, the customer service they receive and the fact that they don't have to hunt for mom and pop stores to support. Nearly all of our shops are locally owned.

I love my visiting customers and appreciate them deeply, but going on eleven years of business I never would have made it this far without local support. 
So, my dear locals, don't let daily life make you forget to soak in all this beauty we are so lucky to be surrounded by.

(And a little shop keep tip: Spring is the perfect time to enjoy your uncrowded, beautiful downtown.  You get first pick on all of our new merchandise and don't have to worry about parking or feel rushed. You can enjoy a slow walk around town and a conversation with  favorite shop keeps.)

Every day I try to remember why I love living here.  Today I am grateful for the perfect latte from Headlands. Running with friends on the coastal trail the ocean on one side sunrise on the other, and  the silly alert on my phone that says "headed to work, take Pine traffic is light..."  But I am probably most grateful for being surrounded by a community that holds each other up...There are a million more reasons...What are yours? Why do you love Fort Bragg?

Another reason, this is my view.

Another reason, all of our students get to experience this!

Another reason, this every morning.