Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Beautiful Day & a Blessing Way

When I had Rowan it was a mellow time of year for Pippi's I took weeks off before I was due, and when I did go into work I could really just focus and work as long as I needed to.  This time around with Zoey I am due in a week and still sneaking into Pippi's to try and finish this or that before Zoey decides to join us!  It is a much busier time of year at Pippi's which is great I love Summer time at Pippi's and I will miss working the floor, but man, my work will never be done.
Anyway, I am grateful to have work to do, it is a good thing, but I have been struggling to find time to start my nesting.  Although, I am lucky, my sweet husband likes a clean house, and he has the cleaning gene (I alas, do not have that gene) and he cleaned yesterday in preparation for guests and baby time.  Now I just have to make time for the fun part of baby prep.  Woo hoo to a clean house, thanks Daddy!

Yesterday, three of my very special, lovely lady friends came over and gave me a blessing way. My mom, Nat and Kat.  It turned out to be the perfect group, my mother besides being my mom, is my dearest friend.   Natalie is one of my oldest friends and is as true a friend as you find, she and I are of the same heart.  Kat is probably my newest friend, but also a friend of the same heart who I feel lucky to have found.  I truly love these women, and yesterday I felt so much joy and love from them that I am still feeling high from it today.  We chatted we ate, we blessed and they gave me well wishes for this birth, a beautiful Irish blessing, and they gave me strength and love.  I feel so lucky, and I feel ready to start nesting! Yeay!
Oh and my mom gave us a beautiful quilt for Zoey and she showed me a focus piece she is working on for my birth, I love it and again am so lucky.

Zoey's quilt. <3
The Butterflies each have one of our names quilted under them, so wonderful thank you Gaga!

Another thing that made yesterday so special was that while we ladies had our time, Marsh and Kat's husband took the kids out.  They had a great daddy & kiddo time and when they came back to the house everyone played happily and we had time to chat and hang out.  The other amazing gift we were given yesterday was pictures!  Kat's husband even took some wonderful pictures for us (I had been saying I needed some belly pics because I just never got around to it this time) so now we will have wonderful family photos to remember the short time when there were three, and my little love inside.  So everything is getting done, everything is falling into place, and I am so grateful for having such great people in my life and so close.