Monday, August 27, 2012

What's New at Pippi's Now?!

More new Socks!
I know!
Yes it's true more socks at Pippi's.
Well any how:

More Socks Smith.
If you missed them, because we sold out in a week or something...

New Foot Traffic, new colors in toe socks, and novelty crews.

More Cape socks.

New Biella. The first of the cashmere and light weight wool for fall, love it!

New animal hats, these are super cute and going fast!  (Yes they are in grown up sizes.)

In these boxes...more K-Bell basics and novelties, Ozone socks and Hue leggings! Lost of great colors and styles (yes ladies more corduroy leggings are here!)

And on the way:
New Sock it to Me (the Sock it to me order arrived before I left the shop this afternoon but it will probably not get on the wall till Tuesday or Wednesday!  Great new styles in that order, Also Bungalow 360 bags and wallets should arrive later this week.
So Hopefully we will see you at Pippi's soon.  Get some sweet new socks for yourself or get ahead on your holiday shopping before it gets crazy in here!

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