Tuesday, May 12, 2015


When my dad, Dave Turner was re-elected for his 4th term on city council this past November, it was a close and contentious race.  When it looked like he might not have enough votes, people stopped me on the streets and flooded Pippi's because they were so surprised and upset--the thought had not crossed their minds that he might not be on our city council.  Thankfully he was re-elected, and when that news came, people again came into the shop to talk with me about how overjoyed they were that he was on our city council. 

So for all of you amazing, lovely people who recognize all the good that my dad has done for this city, and for those of you who see and value how tirelessly he works to improve this beautiful place we live:

You need to know, Dave Turner has been served recall papers. 

A small group has decided that because they are unhappy with his vote to support the new wellness center moving into the empty old coast hotel building, they would like to overturn OUR vote—the majority vote which re-elected Dave Turner just five months ago.

I know that this small mindedness is not the majority of our amazing community. 

In our town:
We see people struggling, we try to help.  We do what we can.
We are a different type of city.  When one of us hurts we all hurt.  We genuinely feel for each other.  I have seen this time and time again.  When our town faces tragedy, heart ache or loss we pull together, and we take care of each other.

That is why I am so proud of our city council and my dad for doing their best to help our community in need by offering transitional housing, mental health services and services to help people move out of homelessness.  People need this - we need this.

I cannot believe that some in our community have let their fear, hatred and personal prejudices drive them to try to recall my dad because of his vote to help people

I am disgusted by the disrespect. (Not just the disrespect for my dad, but yes that angers me too.) The disrespect this group has for our community.  This community elected Dave Turner.  We elected him, because we believe in his work, his morals, and we believe that he will do what he thinks is best for our community.  Our whole community, which happens to include the homeless along with the rest of us.

Please be aware this group needs 792 signatures of voters within the city limits to get the recall on the ballot.  Tell your friends, tell everyone:  No recall.  Do not sign this petition, not only will it be a waste of $20,000 of our tax dollars, it will hurt our city to lose Dave Turner.  No one, and I really mean no one works as hard as this man does.  I have watched him for 35 years and never in my life have I met someone with the work ethic, drive and integrity that he has.  If you have worked with him you know he has a passion that drives him  - a passion to work hard, to  help people and improve our city.  Every decision he makes on city council, he has researched. He educates himself on the issues and yes, he  listens to the community.  It is his job to then digest all that information and make an informed decision for our whole community.  If he had succumbed to the threats and taunts from this group of outspoken opponents—if he had pandered to a self-appointed vigilante minority who literally threatened his vote with recall—if he had swayed his vote away from what he believed to be right and instead stooped to the easier vote—what would THAT say about his integrity?

Dave Turner votes for what is right and not what is easy. The least you can do is hold yourself to the same standard. Let bullies know that they cannot threaten their elected officials in order to sway their votes. Not the good ones, anyway.

Do the right thing. Stand up for Dave Turner. Stand up for yourself. Stand up for our city. Say it with me: NO RECALL! 


  1. "Edmund Burke famously said 'Your representative owes you, not his industry only, but his judgment; and he betrays instead of serving you if he sacrifices it to your opinion.'"

    Great article on the dangers of recall elections here:

  2. Dear people of Fort Bragg,
    I know I am just the annual visitor, and have no right to comment, but the thought of hearing you are considering "recalling" a mayor who is on his 4th term, and the fact that another election is being held in a few months, this seems odd to me.
    This resembles someone with way to much money wanting to cause a problem when it could be corrected in November.
    If it is that bad now, why aren't the police involved? State Attorney?
    Fort Bragg is very special to me, and when I heard about this, and why it doesn't make sense. Put your efforts into running for election, with a strong responsible platform.
    signed Karen Smith
    White Rock BC

  3. It is a majority of the folks in Fort Bragg. Dave Turner is out of touch with our town and should resign for what he has done. Resigning now will save the city 20k.

    1. Obviously you have your own opinions, and obviously I disagree.
      The truth is your opinion is not the majorities. Dave is very in touch with his constituents, you are not.
      If he resigned that would be letting down the community who voted for him, he has done nothing that warrants a resignation.
      Also, this is my personal blog and I write it to share my life, my shop and my thoughts with my customers and my community. Please refrain from trying to start debates on my personal blog.