Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Grads, Dads, Teachers and Creatures too. We Got You Covered...

It's almost summer.  That means kids are graduating, school is almost over, Father's day is around the corner and Pippi's 5th Annual Sock Creature Contest is on the way. (woot!) 

Pippi's has great gifts for graduates, teachers and Dad. Come on down.  Don't forget to wear some sweet shades, or shady sun hats for those outdoor graduations.

Tomorrow when I come to work with my little ones I am going to let Rowan pick out socks for her teachers, I suspect to see rainbow and kitty socks but one can never tell. 

Also, if you or any young ones in your life want a small project for summer, guess what's back...Yes!  Pippi's Sock Creature Contest!   Entry Forms are now available at Pippi's get them now and start working on your sock creature, they are not due till July 19th so you have plenty of time!  Come to Pippi's and get inspired, we have sock creatures on display and if you don't want to use your own old socks pick out something new to create your sock creature with. 

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