Friday, September 2, 2011

Mommy of Two

Well, Pops is back at work, teaching 9th & 12th this year. Every morning this week Rowan has asked, "Where's Pops? Golfing?" All summer if he was out of the house before she woke that's where he was, but I answer no he's at work... She misses him. So do I. But it is also kind of nice to be back to our little routine, my girls and I.
I am back at the shop, only three days on the floor for now, the Pippsters want hours and I am loving my family time. I am so grateful to be able to work Pippi's part time while my girls are little, I miss them the little bit of time that we are apart.
Being a mom of two is a whole new adventure.

I find my largest struggle to be within myself. I want to give them both all the love and attention they deserve, and think I do, but I sure put my little Zoey down more than I ever put baby Rowan down. And Rowan of course can talk and tell me what she needs. And I don't have the luxury of cooing over and gazing at my little Zo all day like I did with  Ro. I worry, will the lack of one on one time negatively affect my little babe? I still wear her quite a lot, like I did Rowan, I love her and sing to her (or both of them). But I worry. On the other hand she is going to grow up always knowing the joy of having a sister so I do feel very good about that, and Rowan is very sweet to her.

Well, I guess part of the job is to worry so that's okay.  I will post again soon with Pippi pics, we have tons of great new socks in!!!


  1. ummm.... and look how happy they are together. they will grow into each other, then zo will be bigger than ro and you will have a whole new set of issues... i remember when my bro's were finally bigger than me. i'm still sad about it.