Saturday, October 1, 2011

Our Happy Days: In Photos

Mommy is having a hard time making time to write and keep this blog current between Pippi's, blocks, walks, art, gardening, time with Pops and just enjoying my sweet girls.  So, quickly, some pictures:

I just love them!

Early morning snuggles.
Tubby at Gaga's.

Dress up fun!

Exploring the garden and collecting nasturtium seeds.

Rowan LOVES making and eating popsicles!

I swear,  Zoey was laughing and smiling until the second I tried to take this picture!

Enjoying our Indian Summer with Gaga.

Helping me garden and eating apples from our tree.
Potato heads!

More dress up.

Look at me mom, I'm sitting up! (Kinda)

Okay, so not a lot said but nice to look at right?  Anyway, the shop is getting tons of cozy awesomeness in, I will try to do a Pippi post soon, but you can come in and say hi next time you are downtown!

And also, my husband has a web page and he does his own blog.  Check it out here.  (He did a super cute post today.)

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