Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sleep in Saturday success!

So Pops and I have made a deal.  We each get to sleep in one day a week (he may choose to golf instead, on his morning.) Anyway I get Saturday and he gets Sunday.  We have been doing this for maybe a month now and I love it!!! He gets up at 6 or 7 whenever the girls do (with minimal poking and prodding.) They get to have a nice morning together until Zoey needs a nap (around 10ish) then he brings her back to bed with me she naps and I start my day! Awesome, I have not slept in this much since college! And the icing on my super morning cake, as I type he is making breakfast, or brunch for us!
We also had a break in the rain yesterday and it turned out to be a good day at Pippi's, the sun is shining today so I hope that it is nice and busy!
I can't wait to stop in today because the Pippsters tell me we got new SockSmith socks!  I know there are some great new designs in there for this season, yay new socks!!!
Happy weekend and I hope some of you got to sleep in too.

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