Wednesday, January 25, 2012

And...two months later...

Well, I completely let the blog go these past few months and after the new year I kept thinking that I would get to it, but I have just not been inspired to write.  So to jump start me into action, how about a montage!
Here goes, the last few months in photos:

 Rowan always the helper, loves doing dishes for me.

At our favorite stop on our rounds downtown.

Zoey and the cats are tight.

Zoey ate her first real food!  She was apprehensive.

and not a really a fan at first.

And then it began... Christmas time!
I love the holidays, the cheer and the spirit of giving, I am a big sap for the wonder of Christmas.
So this year was AWESOME!  Rowan was so into the decorations, the stories and soaking in all the magic of the season I really had a blast sharing this holiday with her.

Pippi's holiday window.

Rowan was excited about meeting Santa, but unsure what he meant when he asked what she wanted for Christmas (we didn't talk about getting gifts or the idea that you can ask for specifics, I think she will come to that on her own.) So seeing the confusion on her face he asked if she would like a candy cane...I don't think I have ever seen someone so blown away by a candy cane! She talked about the candy cane Santa gave her for weeks!

Zoey's first stroller ride!

This house is two down from us, they play holiday music and the lights flash to the beat!
We walked down to see the lights many nights this season.

Tea time in the yard.

Pops was off work for two whole weeks!  The girls and I tried to soak in all time we could. 
The girls like to start early...

Stockings on Christmas morning.


Play-doh in the yard.

Tea with friends.

Family time.

My sister was home, Yay!
She is back at school again but we had a great visit and Rowan got to play with her wonderful auntie a lot.

And finally the rain is here...we are ready for some puddle jumping!

So, now I am caught up. I hope to keep up a littler better now that the busy season has past.  
Oh my gosh I can't believe I forgot, Zoey is totally crawling (all over and that's kind of all she wants to do) and my little girl is gonna be three next month!!!! Can't believe it, but I will probably go into that more later.

All right now I'm done, an odd post, sort of, but that's okay.

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