Sunday, May 20, 2012

New, Bright & Springy at Pippi's

Wondering what's been going on at Pippi's? Bright & Sunshiny ... That's what it feels like in Pippi's lately.  We have been getting in lots of new styles for spring and summer and there is still more to come.
Here is a peek at some of our yummy new merchandise!

Arm warmers in every color. Gift items too; kids books, thank you card sets & cute monkeys!

Sun Hats, in straw, ribbon and colors, colors, colors!

Scarves galore!

Knit headbands <3

Baby legs & more hats...

And of course... socks, socks and more socks!!!!

And now I'm headed home for dinner with the family and to check out this solar eclipse!
So, come visit us here at Pippi's soon and enjoy your night!
So finally getting to publish this post a bit later so here is a picture of us enjoying the eclipse:

 Good night!


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