Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Spring is here and I am loving being outside with the girls again.  Windy or not we have been spending time in our garden each day.
In the last week we have started a berry patch ( I am all ready dreaming of fresh berries, and pies this summer; maybe some jam too!) And, yesterday Rowan and I started work on a snap pea tee pee! It should be pretty great.  Our veggie bed is well underway and I will be adding some more to that soon. I am soaking in all this time with my girls and just loving it.
Little Zoey is walking (and she's not even 11 months yet!) Some days I feel myself being sad to leave the baby stuff behind she is almost a toddler, and when did that happen?  But, watching the friendship between the girls bloom is pretty wonderful.
I just checked my camera and apparently I have been too busy enjoying these moments to take pictures.  I will post pictures of our garden soon and do a post about the shop soon too!
I hope you all are enjoying the sun and spring, and I hope you come visit us at Pippi's soon!

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  1. you'd better send us some jam! miss you ladies tons and tons!