Tuesday, July 9, 2013

In The Garden

The girls and I have been spending a lot of time outside, the sun has been so nice.
I love watching my garden grow.  I read a lot about gardening but then I still just go out and wing it, silly me...anyway here are some pictures of my garden so far this summer.

This year we have had some troubles in our strawberry patch.  Between, slugs and chickens I hope I can get it back on track!

Also the 5 raspberry plants I planted last year (that I totally thought I killed) have gone crazy, I have thinned so many but they just keep coming! No berries though...

We have planted carrots in any open space of dirt we could, and this year I have talked Rowan into letting them actually grow.  The girls also ate their first artichokes and loved them. Rowan and I are planing on planting more next year, she wants to plant hundreds, I will try to talk her down a bit!

And, finally after three years of trying I got broccoli!

My little veggie patch, I am planning on adding two or three more beds for next year.

My flowers are doing well, dahlias are coming back.  Poppies are blooming and my wedding calla lily just bloomed too.

These guys are taller then me...

This is my favorite dahlia.

This is the flower I had in my bouquet. 
I love it when this blooms reminds me of such a good day.

First sunflower to open!

We are checking the blueberries daily for ripe ones...

I love how the chickens follow me around even if they are in the run.

The coop garden is looking pretty good too.

I look forward to more growth and eating more of our fruits and veggies. And now I am going to head home and hang out in the garden with my babies!

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