Tuesday, July 2, 2013

This Week at Pippi's

So it might be feeling a little warm for you to be thinking about socks, but here at Pippi's we never stop thinking about socks! This past week we have gotten some AMAZING socks in stock!

First things first... more art socks!
Really?!   Yes, really, and they are wonderful!

I love the starry night sock!

Also from Hot Sox...

Folksy. Coffee. Donuts. And, my personal favorite combo, Wine & Cheese.

Short socks and peds in packages of three's and sixes.

We have re-stocked our Foot Traffic...

Do you see the ruby slipper?  There is no place like home.

We got Ozone socks...

Pretty, pretty socks!

And as I type this Pippisters are opening boxes of another favorite Sock Smith!  That means more cats with glasses, Rosie the riveter,  Veggie knee highs, crab and star fish crews, and so many other wonderful socks!

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