Wednesday, December 4, 2013

All your Holiday Gifts in one Place...yup it's Pippi's

21 Days till Christmas.  
Wait, what! Yeah, so I don't know how that happened but Christmas is only 21 days away.

Not to worry, Pippi's is here to help!  We have something for everyone, come on in and we can help you check off your shopping list.

Yes, those cute little Christmas pixies are for sale!

Who do you have on your list?
For the Guys:

Guys are sometimes hard to shop for but we have some great socks for the men you know, perfect for a fun gift.  (Everyone wears socks!) 
Food lover? How about bacon or hamburger socks.
Your personal super hero? Why not Superman & Peter Parker socks, (we also have Batman, Robin, Captain America, and Wonder Woman!)
Got a cool geeky guy in your life? Try Bazinga socks (everyone loves Sheldon right?)
Or Gamer socks, geek socks. 
Wrap these up or put them in a stocking!

Of course as always we have great wool and cashmere socks to keep everyone cozy. 

For the ladies in your life:

I personally love gifting a nice cashmere blend.  I will be sending cashmere socks to my grandparents this season.

These are another favorite of mine for the art lover:

I love these art socks.

If you want to get some non-sock gifts,
We have a large assortment of cute non-leather bags and lovely leather bags.  Beautiful scarves to keep your loved ones warm.  With socks, hats, gloves and scarves from Pippi's no one should get a chill this winter!

I love this fringed infinity scarf...I own it in three colors!
Scarves are a great gift for anyone teens and adults.

For the kids in your life:

Our kids section has expanded a lot this year, we have tons of socks and tights for your little ones as well as hats, backpacks, and a few sweet little toys, (like these cute!)

I am totally into the idea of stuffing your stockings with stockings, we have Hot Sox that are 3 for $15 and we also have $5 bins for men and women.

Hot Sox 3 for $15.

but if you want a little something more we have great little things perfect for stockings.

These little card cases are a perfect gift or stocking stuffer.

So to sum it up, come into Pippi's, we are happy to help you with your holiday shopping.

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