Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer's First Adventure

Back to the place where it all began...

Big Sur, CA 2002.

Big Sur was where Marshall and I went for our first camping trip together (four months into dating), and the first place we have taken each of our girls camping too. 

Rowan's first camping trip 15 months.
Zoey's first camping trip 13 months.

I can't say camping with toddlers is relaxing, in fact I can tell you it is not!  No longer do I get to lounge about and read book after book and hike unencumbered... but it is so much fun to watch kids make discoveries in nature and have freedom to be, with out toys and distractions.  I loved being unplugged for the week, and loved seeing my girls be dirty and adventurous.  Okay, I would not have minded if Zoey was slightly less adventurous; my little one year old does not realized she needs more stability to say...balance on a log or run down a hill, but I guess she's still pretty close to the ground so she can't do too much damage!

Marshall's parents, his brother and our nephew joined us for the first three nights.  We did of course roast marshmallows, and mommy indulged in many smores which to my surprise Rowan was not interested in!

She liked roasting the marshmallows but not eating smores!

 We did some walks/super mellow hikes with the kids, and ended up carrying both girls eventually, each time;  Next time we invest in another ergo or hiking pack for tots!

Because this solution, although creative in a pinch, did not cut it!
Good morning sunshines!

As per usual Zoey woke with the sun (at 5:50 on the dot each morning). I know Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Sean were super happy about that... But, we did not miss any day light and I tell you truly, I like starting early, Marsh made us coffee and we sort of lazed around in the morning and then went adventuring.  The weather was perfect.

 So, our first summer adventure was a success, woot!
If you want to see some more pictures and read a different take on the trip check out my husband Marshall's blog post.

Do you have a special place that you travel to year after year?  Or a summer family tradition that you look forward to?


  1. how fun! looks like you guys had a blast. you know how much i wish i had a back pack that could carry a kid and my stuff. lol

  2. For me, my special place would have to be Disneyland. I've been every year, at least once, since I was 6 months old. Thankfully, I have a wonderful family who has helped make my childhood tradition our tradition as well:)