Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Give your Local Downtown some Love.

Okay so the big shopping holidays are over.  January is an interesting month.  We've got our resolutions to keep, our budgets to do taxes to think about.  It can be so overwhelming! But in the midst of the beginning of this new year, don't forget to visit your favorite little shops. 
It's the perfect time of year to wander around (aimlessly even) and re-discover your favorite little nooks and crannies of our lovely little town.

Spend time chatting with your favorite shop keepers.   Treat yourself or your kids to a tea, hot chocolate, pair of socks, a book or trinket.  Also, you can get a first look at the new spring items that local shops are getting in!  

I personally love the busy season, because it's fast paced and fun.  But when it is mellow, I love it too.
I get the chance to catch up with my regulars.  My customers can spend time in the shop, quietly, not rushed by the crowd.  And I get to re-arrange and re-think the shop.  ( I love re-arranging, the shop, and my house, it keeps it so fresh.)  It is also time for a new season, in socks, and spring fashions are on the way, some brand new lines are in the shop already!

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