Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sweet sunshiny days.

Wow, it's only Wednesday but this week has been really busy and really good.

Rowan and I worked at the shop together Monday and part of today and it was great.  I have not had Rowan at the shop for an entire shift since she was about 21 months and that was the beginning of the holiday busyness so it got a little tough to run the shop well and be present with Rowan.  That is when I started taking her to Johanna's Country Child Care which is great and she loves it, but it's good to know I that she and I can both handle a day at Pippi's again.  

She loves talking to people and it is so fun to see what she says, there was a lot of "Watch this!" (because she is enjoying showing off her new skills with a ball.)   As well as some great moments where I realize she really listens to everything!  She said to a customer about a sock "oh, that's cute!" and to many customers "Bye" or "Thanks for coming in!"  She also got a little frustrated if a customer left before she got to say bye, there were a few that she yelled after "Wait! I wanted to say good bye to you!" and lucky for us our Pippi customers are so nice they heard her and came back to say bye!

So Pippi's was great, and there are still a lot of people in town on vacation (woot) I hope foot traffic keeps up till summer is in full effect!

We got to play at the park with our friends twice all ready this week!

We went on a nice long walk, (and I noticed that the dreaded pregnant waddle has begun.)

We visited FloBeds and played with Baba, & Uncle Dew.

Also, a HUGE milestone for me and Rowan...
Rowan had her first play date without me there!  Actually first play date not at our house!
She had an amazing time and truthfully I don't think she missed me at all, I think it was harder for me.  I swear as she walked away from Pippi's I had to breath my way through mommy separation anxiety!  But, it was a little easier when I heard her and her little friend start talking about their shoes as they walked off, too cute.

So, a lovely week so far.  I am very thankful to have such a sweet girl, a shop/job I love and supportive family and great friends!
Onward to the rest of this week...
Daddy just drove off, he wont be back until Sunday.  He is headed to Chicago to see his sister defend her thesis.  I am bummed that Rowan and I are not going. Not only are we missing Aunties big event but Daddy's whole family is going to be there, it's always sad to miss an opportunity to spend time with the whole gang.  We just could not afford it this time.  But, I am sure we will see everyone this summer (yeay!)
And we've got music class tomorrow and hopefully lots of sunshine ahead so we can get to the beach this week too.  Now I have to tear myself away from this computer and eat something before it's too late!


  1. yay! we made the blog. lol. we had sooo much fun, rowan is invited back anytime! on the way home my Bean was concerned that maybe rowan forgot it was bed time and was still at the shop. lol. i love the waddle, rock the waddle!

  2. Yes, dear, rock that waddle. I love you. Love your blog and miss you and Roe terribly.