Friday, September 16, 2016

September Allready?

How is it September? How are both my kids in school? How is my to do list so long? How has it been so long since my last blog post?

The answer to all of the above, life.  Life got busy, it hasn't slowed down much either but I am ready to refocus on the blog and Pippi's social media a bit more again. 
The kids are in school and Pippi's is gearing up for fall with tons of cozy socks!  Wool, cashmere, bamboo, we have so many good things!
As we head into fall and gear up for the holidays, remember, come downtown and check out the new stuff Pippi's (and all the other downtown shops) have in stock for this fall and winter. 

I have an ever changing inventory and I always have a big range of price points so all of my customers can work within their budget.  Don't forget your stamp card, when it's full you can treat yourself to a half price pair of socks!  See you soon.

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