Saturday, November 12, 2011

Rockin' at Pippi's

So, November is here.  I am playing the balancing game big time!

I'm sure everyone struggles with keeping their lives balanced.  I feel it more so now that I have a family.
When it was just Marshall and I it was so much easier to balance out my life.  Sure, I worked nearly everyday at Pippi's before we moved to our current location; but, when I was at work from 9:00-7:00 almost everyday I always finished my to do lists.  When I got home I could just be home, done with work!
These days finding time for my husband between my girls and my sanity is hard enough, add Pippi's into the mix and well, sanity is out the widow.

So, I am only on the floor at the shop three days a week right now; and I take my little Zoey,  (I don't think she would stand for more days). I usually go in one night a week  to fit in all the stuff I don't get to durring the day.  I go after the girls are asleep and work until the wee hours of the night.  But, Zoey has started waking up around 10:00pm to nurse, so my all night work sessions are cut short.  Today I decided to go in when the girls woke up at 6am.  Zoey is a morning girl and she does okay without me for a bit in the mornings.

So I got to Pippi' before the sun this morning and rocked the shop! This is my current morning jam:

So I rocked out and got tons of wonderful new Smarwool out!  I love Smartwool and it is Marshall's favorite brand too!

The teal socks on the left are my favorite style this season.  That is a pair!  They mismatch and are so lovely...I have it in every color (restraint is not one of my strengths).

New styles and re-stocked on everything! (I will take a better picture soon this one is a little blurry from my phone.)

We also have lots of other new styles in, here is a mini pre-view:

Life is Good snuggle socks, super cozy.

Holiday crew socks in our bookshelf.

Ozone socks, this is another one of my favorite lines.

OMG this Ozone sock is amazing, I am so in love with it!

I had a great morning at the shop.  I love feeling super productive it just sets me up for a lovely day, which we had (I think I will blog about my family day(s) tomorrow).  I headed home after I finished with Smartwool, Miss Elyse came in and worked the floor, and our wonderful customers filled the shop today.  Thank you Pippi customers for supporting Pippi's and shopping at a mom and pop shop, we really appreciate your business. 


  1. I visited your shop a few months ago, I am an artist/teacher in Mountain View and I am expecting my first grand baby, a girl, within the week. I bought her some wee smart wool socks in your shop. I also bought 4 pairs of the Frida Kahlo socks for my "art girls have tea" group! I will be back. Good luck to you! Ann Hull

    1. Ann,
      I don't know how I missed this comment from November! Anyway, i am so glad you liked the shop and I hope the socks were a hit! Congratulations on your grand baby!

  2. All the hard work shoes dear. I miss you, but the shop and girls need you least right now:)