Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sprout Island

I am trying to soak in all the sun we have left.  Yesterday when I told Rowan we were headed home and she said that she really wanted to go to "Sprout Island" I said "Oh, that sounds fun...Do you think Sprout Island is in the back yard or the front yard?"  Thankfully she went for it and said back yard.  So we packed some "supplies" and spread out our blanket in Sprout Island.  I just love being outside with the girls.  It calms all of us, and we can just be.   Here are some pictures from Sprout Island:


  1. Geez! No props for coming up with the term:( Next time I'm hitching a ride to Sprout Island with you guys.

  2. Oh Pops! I did not know you were the one who told her about Sprout Island! Good call, it was fun you should join us next time.