Saturday, November 19, 2011

Before the Madness...

Before the madness of this coming week begins, (Pippi's is about to get CRAZY!!!) I wanted to squeeze a post in.
We Have had a lovely week, Pippi's has been busy and is super full of amazing stuff (just the way I like it)  tons of new hats and scarves...and duh, socks!
The girls both had check ups and are doing great.  As we knew Rowan is petite for her age (but her head is big, pretty sure she gets that from her Pops!)  And our little Zoey is in the 95% for height and 90% for weight! Yay, healthy girl, I thought she seemed tall and I guess I was right.  The funny thing is that when Rowan was a baby I used to rock with her in our rocker, and around her 1st birthday her feet started to hit the arm rest, I was sad because she was growing up so fast.  Now Zoey's feet all ready hit and she is just 5 months!

Also we had a lovely day with two of our little buddies they came over for an afternoon of Lego's, make believe and dancing. Here are some sweet pictures from our play day:

And, woohoo, Zoey can sit up by herself now! She is loving being a part of the action.

Little Z's playing<3

Zoey's hand is waving in front of the camera but the girls look so sweet I had to include it.

Blurry dancing hugs.

So, now I have to prep for shopping madness, I am super excited!  I love this time of year!  See you at Pippi's, (and don't forget to come in soon for the best gift selection before Christmas!)

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  1. oh my god. yay. i love my lil man in the pink so sweet. and the pic of the big girls hugging is perfect. yay.