Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Birthday Sweetness

Last Sunday Zoey turned one.  I can not believe my little baby is a year already, so happy and so sad!
We had a sweet party for my little sunshine. 

   I find now that Z is mobile I have slightly more time to do things that sort of count as "me time", (like decorating for a party or brushing my hair, and I find a few times a week I get to pee uninterrupted!)... That is, when I am not spotting her while she climbs on anything she can get her leg up on!

Rowan was also pleasantly surprised on Zoey's birthday.  First we Zoey gave her a sweet big sister gift, and then Gaga and our friend Holly brought her gifts too!  Besides geting presents when it was not even her birthday she "helped" Zoey open all her gifts and has been playing with all the new toys ever since.
She asked me today "when is Zoey gonna get more presents?"  When I told her on her next birthday she asked how many "sleeps" that would be, lol<3.

 We got Z this sweet wooden pram, totally beautiful right...

We should have gotten a scooter, she actualy gets in and pushes herself!

Happy birthday baby girl!  
A year ago I was worried; how could I ever love another baby as much as my first?  But it's is amazing how the heart grows... When each of my girls were born, it seemed as if I could feel my heart growing, almost bursting, but still I love my girls more each day...I am a lucky mommy.

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