Saturday, June 16, 2012

Summer is here!

Ah sweet summer.

I don't technically have a summer break but because my husband does, I sort of do.
I get to go to work more regularly, and without bringing the girls. 
Don't get me wrong of course I miss my girls  (and I love when daddy sends me pictures while I'm at work or better yet they walk down to the shop and say hi!) but actually being able to work without also mothering, this means:

Ringing up customers with two hands, (no baby on my hip, back or leg!)
Talking with customers without watching the door to make sure Z didn't run out. 
Not having to check any and every container type thing at ground level for random products or socks, (yes Zoey loves picking things up and putting them in different things.)
And not having to go to work after babies bed time to do ordering and book keeping.
Productivity here I come!

Zoey at work last week, taking all the lunch boxes off the shelves merchandising!

I also look forward to gardening, spending many sunny days outside, and after dinner walks.
 We took our first summer after dinner walk just the other day.  <3

Happy summer!

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