Sunday, April 24, 2016

Gratitude Sunday

Inspired by:  Wooly Moss Roots -Simply Joys of a Soulful Life Gratitude Sunday

G r a t i t u d e  *  S u n d a y

{Sunday's heartfelt tradition. A time to slow down, to reflect, to be grateful. A list of gratitudes.}
This week (it's been a while so...the past few weeks) I am thankful for:

Community in action.

A good and very informative debate on Measure U, I think everyone who went heard an overwhelming amount of information that explained why this measure is wrong.

Walking Fort Bragg with my dad.

Piaci with the family.

Coffee dates with friends, and playtime at Pippi's.

New stuff in stock at Pippi's.

Baby cuddles.

A fun earth day celebration.  I love seeing how the gardens at the high school have evolved over the years.

Running into so many friends at the earth day celebration.

Family days.

Celebrity sightings, Smokey is still cool after all these years.

My yard in the early morning.

The blooming roses in my back yard.

Rain after my garden hose broke.

Science experiments, especially her large (and totally gross) jar of what she calls mischief...

Time spent with my dear Marshall.

Our lovely little downtown, I am so lucky to get to be there each day.

Redwood school and the great teachers there.

Rock band with the girls.

Being able to encourage and support someone when they needed it.

This town.  I love walking on my errands downtown each morning I love that I usually run into a friend, customer or acquaintance and and have the opportunity to share small moments special people each day.

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