Thursday, April 7, 2016

New Sign at Pippi's

If you came into Pippi's during the past holiday season, you may have noticed Pippsters Kayla and Holly were both pregnant.  And yes, to answer your most commonly asked questions, it was a hiring requirement last year.  Rachael and I decided to only hire pregnant women.  No there was not something in our water.

Both Kayla and Holly have had beautiful babies and we are so excited and happy for them.

Many of you watched me mother my babies while also working at Pippi's, you were so kind and supportive.  In that same way, I intend to support Kayla in every way I can as she returns from her leave. Each  mother is different and each child is different, so as we get into a rhythm that works for Kayla please be understanding.  If she is at the shop solo, she may need to close the door for a few minutes while she nurses her visiting baby or pumps milk for him.  So, if you come up to our door and see our new sign:

Please know that indeed we are sorry to delay your sock fix but the relationship between a mother and her new baby is one of the things most dear to me.  What they need Pippi's will accommodate.  I know while you wait a few minutes you can enjoy our lovely neighboring shops (a lot is changing on Laurel street...) when you return Kayla will be ready to help you re-stock your socks drawer or find the perfect gift.

Pippi's is a family shop.  I still bring my girls to work with me sometimes and I love that I can do that.  I love that our community has always supported Pippi's and my family and I look forward to showing Kayla that same community spirit as she begins her family.

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  1. Hi Katie! This is so great. I love your shop and, well, YOU!