Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Nine Years, Swimming In Love.

Today on Marshall and my anniversary I feel like refecting on the past nine years.  So here are my thoughts:

Today my sweet husband and I have been together for nine years, (married for four of those years).  It is interesting to think about how our day to day relationship has changed and morphed over these last nine years.  When we met we were both in college, and sure we had "responsibilities" but life was what I like to call "fluffy", we spent hours just daydreaming talking and  focused on creative projects.  Then we finished school and got jobs, and life was still pretty "fluffy" time seemed to move slowly, there was a little more stress trying to figure out what we wanted to do with our lives and pay the few bills we had, but it was just he and I in our little bubble, floating through life, and it was sweet. 

We did figure out what we wanted to do, I wanted a Sock Shop and he wanted to be a teacher, so he helped me open up shop and we focused on that for some time, then he went back to school for his credential.  It turns out that these jobs we love and enjoy take up more time than our previous 40 hour a week retail/service jobs.  And, we inevitably end up bringing work home, but hey, we have passion for what we are doing and we enjoy sharing or work with one another. It was still just he and I in our little bubble... But, I think this is when life started to move more quickly.

And then we decided we needed to share this life we loved with someone new, we wanted to start our family, all we had to do was say the words and bam! I was pregnant.  So, those nine months went by fast, and slow, we had so much time to dream about this baby,  what she might be like, what our lives might be like, cuddles and creative projects and our great jobs all still there as we swam along.

Then we had our sweet little girl.  Man, life started to really move.  Moments seemed slow, like when we just watched her coo and giggle, and cuddled her to sleep.  But, the weeks flew by.  Happy, joyful, stressed, excited, overwhelmed all of it, we were living this full life, not so fluffy, sometimes floating sometimes swimming and sometimes trying not to be swept away. Life was still sweet.

We grew, Ro grew and we wanted another to share this life with so now we are 7 months pregnant with another dear girl on the way.  Life is fast, it sometimes seems as if we don't see each other.  Between working, parenting, and eating and sleeping the moments are short (but sweet).
We spend most of our waking time together as a family after he gets home from work, watching and playing with Rowan, listening to her tell us crazy, silly stories, we laugh a lot.   After we get Rowan to sleep we are lucky if we get two hours alone with each other before one or both of us falls asleep.

Life is fast, moments are fleeting, but when we can breath away the stress from the day and just be with each other, with our little family, that is when I remember why I fell in love with this beautiful caring man.  And why I love him more all the time, our days are busy, but our lives are full. Sometimes we are floating through life, sometimes we are swimming and some times just trying to tread water, but I'm happy to be swimming through this life in love.


  1. beware! now i will online stalk you! lol.
    kabean and the man child and i had 'such fun' with you and our 'really good friend ro' on... whatever day that was. lol. can't wait to do it again soon!

  2. Such a sweet post, congrats on baby girl #2! xoxo