Monday, July 16, 2012

Quakes and Tremors...

Sometimes something makes you think.
Another person may not even pause or think about it but this time, for you, you stop and take a measure of things...

Last Sunday morning at 5:00am we had an earthquake, not a big one but it felt big too me.  Woke me up.  I was already cradling Zoey in my arm but I jumped up and all I could think of was checking on Ro.  Ro, who didn't even wake up...I was carrying Zoey so daddy brought Ro up into bed with us.  At least then I had everyone together.  Of course, I didn't really go back to sleep, I tried, but couldn't  (Zoey couldn't settle back down either, maybe she was picking up on my feelings).  Who knows why I couldn't settle back to sleep, nerves, the energy left from the quake or a brain that just wont quiet down; for me probably all of the above!

Now maybe having been 9 years old and in the bay area for the '89 earthquake, has made me a bit sensitive and nervous about earthquakes.  The Tsunami that hit out friends in Otsuchi does not help with that either.  I worry about things way outside of my control, like natural disasters and crazy stuff that people should probably not really think about.   But, I still do...

Anyway this made me think about something.   I want my family in arms reach, if my girls need me I want to be right there; night or day.  Rowan sleeping alone has worked pretty well.  We have a monitor, dad is up late and goes in if she has a bad dream.  She likes her own bed and she has been in her own room since she was around one (mostly).  We moved her to her own bed when we all started loosing sleep.   Sometimes I miss our snuggles but she has not wanted to come to bed with me any more when I have asked (she's growing too fast!)

But, Daddy went out of town Wednesday.  I usually can't sleep at all with Marsh gone and I could not relax with Ro in another room so I started bringing her with me when I went to bed, (and aside from a sleepless night with Zo being sick) it has been very nice.  Ro has been asking me now, "Will you take me with you when You go to bed?"  <3.

Of course sometimes I long to sleep for eight hours straight which never happens when sleeping with a nursing baby, (maybe with a toddler) but it is so much easier for me to relax surrounded by my babies.   When Daddy comes home maybe we will go back to our regular routine, maybe not.  But I know I am glad to have these sweet moments while I can, and the quake was a reminder to me, to keep my family close.

Did you feel the quake? How did you feel? Did it make you think?
or Do you have a family bed?

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