Thursday, July 5, 2012

Some days I just want to dig.

Sigh. Good sigh.
When I need a breath these days, I find myself sneaking outside (or wrangling the girls and giving them water and dirt to keep them busy while I try to to dig; sit in the yard, pull a few weeds and just be...outside.
It feels so nice, it relaxes me and somehow, fulfills me. I love seeing the changes in the garden this time of year, something new everyday.  Some how, my veggie patch (which usually thrives, is not doing stellar this season), but my flowers are going strong.

It is our fifth year in our home, some of my first plants are getting really big, my cecile bruner is so big I've gotta build it some thing to climb! And something that I thought was lost came back, after two years, my orange Calla Lilly's are back (which was an extra happy surprise since it is our wedding flower.)

This years new berry patch is doing great...I don't know about the raspberries they look a little  sad dead, and maybe black berries are going to over take them, I  don't know.  My new flower beds is lovely, I think next year I will do something similar in the front yard.  In the front yard the Fried Egg Poppies are huge! I love them, and every day Rowan says, "Mommy look more of the white flowers you love!"  I saw the combo of the fried egg poppies with California poppies and lavender in someone's yard in town (when I go on walks I totally scope out other peoples yards and gardens) loved it and copied it. I think I will add more California poppies though they are looking thin.

What do you do for yourself, with or with out kids, to stay happy and to feel like yourself?


  1. Beautiful combination of flowers! And a very good question to ponder indeed. One I would do well to ponder longer! Thanks for the reminder! Lesee, I suppose the biggest "me" thing I did lately was to jump on a horse again. Love you! xoxo L

    1. Thanks I have fun with flowers! Love you too, let's play soon!

  2. love it katie! you gotta eek out that time when you can. i went to my second knit night just now and spoke to real people, in person! it was amazing.
    miss you guys, you have to get together and send me pics! lol