Tuesday, October 21, 2014

10 Fall Family Activities.

Okay here I go again...fall, fall,fall. 
This is the time of year I like to nest, and get my home all cozy and lovely for the coming winter months.  But there are also a lot of fun fall-ish things to do with the kids outdoors and indoors. 
So here are a few of my favorite fall family activities:

1) Go on a long walk. Bring baskets and hunt with the girls for leaves, pine cones, and whatever other natural wonders they find.  Then use all the lovely treasures for fall crafts.

2) Make pine cone bird feeders.
So, easy, fun and a bit messy, so you know the kids will like it.  I just slather a pine cone in peanut butter and cover it in seeds for birds and hang it in the yard!

3) Make leaf art.
If you live somewhere where you are lucky enough to have thousands of beautiful colored leaves everywhere then I envy you! We get some leaves falling here but nothing like the east coast and mid-west. So sometimes we cut out or paint our own leaves and hang them in our windows.

4) Woodland toys.
These are so fun and easy, you can pretty much do whatever you like and let the kids go wild with it, but I put a link to a tutorial I found too.

Here is a tutorial

5) Go to a pumpkin patch.
Let your kids pick out their favorite pumpkin, it can take a while to find the "perfect" pumpkin but it's so much fun. 
We went to Gowan's farm in Philo.  To get to the pumpkin patch we got to ride a tractor which was very exciting.  We also took a picnic and walked in their apple orchard.

6) Paint Pumpkins.
I always like to paint pumpkins earlier in the month before we carve, that way nothing rots before Halloween.

7) Decorate the front porch for fall. 
I love to plant some seasonal fall flowers in pots on the porch and get extra pumpkins to add more color to the stoop.  The girls love getting in the dirt but,  their favorite part is putting up the spider webs and spooky things for Halloween.

8) Carve pumpkins.
I love getting all slimy from getting all the seeds out, then we roast the pumpkin seeds ... yum.

9) Get your kids involved in making their costumes. 
I used to help make mine and I was always so proud of my creations.
The girls had lots of fun making their robot costumes last year.

But, with toddlers be ready for last minute changes.
When Zoey saw me dressed as a clown she wanted to be my clown baby,  so... ten minutes before we went trick or treating I had to clown-ify her.

10) Popcorn movie night with a Halloween movie.  We like to do "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown".

What are some of your favorite things to do with your family in fall?

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