Sunday, May 15, 2011

Growing up!

Rowan has been potty trained for a long time now but we were still diapering her at night.. For the last few weeks she has been dry in the morning so as of yesterday ... No more diapers!!!  Until Baby Zoey is here of course, but no more diapers for Rowan! I am so excited and so is she, tonight while she was getting her PJ's on she was very proud to have undies on instead of diapers.

Daddy sliding with Rowan,  her arms up to go down the slide.

I had this weekend off which was nice, Marshall encouraged me to get out by myself yesterday for a bit so I went to see a movie, indulged in popcorn and brewers yeast yum...

When I got home we spent the afternoon together and had a really nice day.  I usually work Sundays but Marsh played in a golf tournament so Rowan and I had a very nice, super mellow pajama Sunday, it was luxurious.  Puzzles, books, stickers, snacks, books, play-dough, more books what more could I ask for:)  Heck she even made me multiple meals in her kitchen...most of what I was served, she told me was milk and orange juice, which she served to me in a peanut butter jar and instructed me to eat it with a spoon.  But hey, no judgment here, I'm no culinary genius.

We had a sweet day and although I am very excited to have another little girl I think I will miss these special days with just me and Rowan.

Goodbye sweet Sunday, hello Miss Monday!  I'm at Pippi's this week gonna be a busy mama, only three weeks till I take myself off the schedule, gotta get the shop ready!

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