Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day

Well, life got a little hectic last week and I didn't get a chance to post anything, but Rowan is taking a nap so I thought I would take advantage of the time!

Last week when Marsh and I realized Mother's day was soon approaching, he asked what I wanted and I told him I just wanted to work on our yard and garden.  But, being super pregnant that meant I really needed him to do most of the hard labor and I wanted to get my hands in the soft dirt and plant.  So my dear husband spent 3 afternoons mowing our very neglected back yard.  (See his blog post about Mother's Day, and check out the pictures of the lawn.).  The lawn was almost as tall as me and the first day he cut a "secret path" for Rowan to run through, which I loved because when I was a kid my dad did the same for me and my brother.

Anyway, he cut the lawn, trimmed the edges and helped me weed my garden bed. Yeah Daddy!  On Mother's Day he and Rowan made me a yummy breakfast and Daddy gave Ro and I, Mom and Daughter gardening totes and tools! (Rowan is really into matching, "Same, same!")  Then he took me to pick out a few plants and we finally got a tree for Rowan to plant with her placenta (I know some people are grossed out by the idea but I think it's cool to have a tree nourished by the same thing that nourished you in the womb.)  We went with a flowering Lilac it wont get too big and I love the way they smell.

We got all our veggies in the garden bed, planted our tree and spent a lovely day in the sunshine, perfect!

Then we swung by Gaga's house to say wish her a Happy Mother's Day. 

Rowan enjoying her sour grass with Gaga.
 We joined my folks on their back porch, enjoyed the sun some more. Rowan picked and enjoyed her favorite, sour grass, and then they invited us out to dinner.

Eating dinner, my sweet girl will eat just about anything, (as long as it's not spicy!)

So the perfect end to a perfect day: Thai food and family.

I hope all the other mommies out there had great a Mother's Day too.  
(I know a lot of moms got sweet socks from Pippi's, woot!)

And check back later this week, Pippi's has got a lot of fun new stuff in, I will be taking pictures putting a post up about that soon.  (Sweet knee highs from Sox Trot, Leggings for kids from Country Kids, Ozone, Jewelry and scarves and more!!!)

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  1. I'm glad you had a great day dear. It was the best!