Sunday, May 1, 2011

Woot, Daddy is Home!

Daddy is home, and right now he is putting Rowan to bed (thank you Daddy!!!) and I am getting some time to catch up on the inter webs.  

Rowan and I had a great time while Daddy was away, we defiantly missed our Pops but girl time was nice.

It was nice to have our schedule kind of wide open, with no one to think about but us.  Don't get me wrong, I do not want Daddy to go away more often, no I love having him around.  But we were able to just go with the flow (it also helped that I did not work while he was on his trip, so that made it really easy to take the moments as they came).
We had great fun adventure filled days, and at the same time didn't do too much.  We played outside a lot, planted some flowers, and took advantage of the sun.   I hope the sun sticks around for a while!

Here is my little photo recap of some moments we had these past few days:

Don't ask why, but once she was in she did not want to get out!

Our regular stop at Headlands Coffee house, every time we go she heads straight for the toys grabs this one and takes a table!  (This turned from a to-go stop to a sit down affair.)

Mom did have to stop into Pippi's to do a little work (the glamorous life  a business owner ;) ).  Luckily, Rowan was happy to stop by Mark's (Cirino's Sandwich Shop) next door and get a pickle.

Friday, we had a wonderful day with friends.  These two sweet girls took a break from jumping to  help me cut veggies for dinner, (notice their hands).

And of course we sent some pics to Pops...Rowan wanted to show him how she felt...

Her I miss you face.

And an excited face.

Saturday, we had a nice walk on the haul road with a dear friend.

Rowan rode her trike and sang songs pretty much the entire time, (it was awesome)!

And somehow it is May already! I don't know where time is going but it is going fast, six more weeks until baby Zoey will be joining us.  I feel a little unprepared, but everything will be done eventually, so I just breathe. 

Rowan and I are working the shop again Monday.  She is excited to help me at Pippi's, and I am glad I snuck in this morning and got the book keeping done, that would be a challenge with my girl there!  So maybe we will see some of you sock lovers down town.  We did get in some kids tights (finally) and a bunch of Ozone socks <3 (yea new stuff)!

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