Thursday, May 26, 2011


Well, I have gotten a little sidetracked from keeping up on my blogging this past week  or so, but life just seems so busy.  I have been trying to prepare Pippi's for my "maternity leave", (really I just wont be on the floor but I will be sort of around).  The Pippsters are ready, they can hold down the fort while I am out and do the daily stuff, (heck they've done it before) but I am trying to get my end of things organized.  That's the challenge.  My last day on the floor is tomorrow (thanks again to the Pippsters coming through in my time of need).  And next week I will spend off the floor at my desk making lists and checking them twice....Just 2 weeks left till Baby Zoey is due!!!

(I will be posting more on this tomorrow), but...drum roll.....
Pippi's Longstockings has been open 5 years as of tomorrow!  Hard to believe, but it's true!  So this Memorial Day weekend is a big thing for us at Pippi's we are gonna have cupcakes for all our lovely customers as well as gifts with purchase (while supplies last). I am excited. This weekend is always fun; there's the Quilt Show downtown, Pippi's birthday, and Marshall's folks are coming to town. So, we will have a super fun, super busy weekend to look forward to. I hope we see all of our loyal customers out and about this weekend, and I am keeping my toes crossed for sun!


  1. Five years!

    So that means you will soon have
    a five-year-old business
    a four year-old marriage
    a three-year-old dog
    a two-year old daughter
    and a new born baby girl.

    Katie, you are definitely playing The Sims on difficulty level high. (Legacy Challenge?) I am still reveling in the University expansion pack.

    I wish I could be there this weekend for the cupcakes, socks, and pipsters! (And the Turners and Carrs, of course.) Have a great Memorial Day Weekend. Make sure to get some pictures of Mom's quilt!

    I miss you and love you,

  2. Thanks Bee, I miss you and love you too!
    When you break it all down like that it really feels like I've done something...and unlike The Sims I'm playing this life with no cheats!
    We will miss you this weekend, but don't worry I will eat a cupcake for you!