Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Art & Stories

So as some of you may or may not know before I opened Pippi's Longstockings and became Pippi/the sock lady and had babies and then became mommy as well; I was an artist ( sure I still am but I don't do as much of my work as I used to.)  Any way Rowan has gotten really into art and drawing and telling stories about her drawings.  And I of course am ecstatic! I love watching her draw and paint and become engrossed in it.

As a kid (heck as an adult too) I would go through phases where I would draw different versions of the same image over and over.  Currently Rowan is into drawing people and dragons with a baby in their belly.

This is what she said: "This is a dragon. She has a baby in her tummy. She can spit fire so nothing can scare her baby when it pops out of her tummy. The mommy dragon is a mean one, but she's not mean to her baby."

Zoey has started to enjoy coloring to she is figuring out markers and taking the lids on and off, she colors on paper and unlike Rowan at that age, she also will color on the floor, toys, her body and her mouth...I gotta keep an eye on this one!

She loves taking the crayons in and out of the box.
With Rowan in pre-school I am noticing some changes in her art.  She tries to stay in the lines.  She also works hard at letters and writing, that's kinda cool!  She asks how to make specific letters or how to spell something, and she likes to trace her hand.
Now here I'm totally gonna brag:
She made this for her friend Toby, (a name she apparently knew how to spell!)  The letters weren't in order or perfect but I mean, come on, wow! (Just a proud mom here but that looks great to me;) she didn't ask for any help and then she showed me and said, "Mom I made this hand for Toby and he is gonna love it. Does the mail come today?"  I did convince her to give it to him at school but, wow! Color me impressed. 

This is Rowan's hand, and her name on top and Toby's on the bottom.

I am very glad to have two girls who are showing lots of interest in art and projects.  We are getting creative each day and I love it.


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