Tuesday, May 26, 2015

What's With All the Signs?


You may be wondering:
What's up with the signs in Pippi's windows?
Why is Pippi getting political?
Where are all the sock and Pippi family updates?

I am worried about the future of Fort Bragg if this recall happens.
I am worried for what I feel is right, for democracy, for my family, for my town, and for my livelihood.
To protect these things, I feel this recall cannot happen!

Even if it weren’t my dad that some are trying to recall—we just re-elected him! It will cost us $20,000 of our tax dollars.  I am worried about the direction our city will go if my dad, Dave Turner, is removed from the city council. We have a strong city council now with a strong vision for the city that I think can only improve our town.
If people try to recall members of the city council each time they disagree with a vote, what kind of democracy is that? What a waste of time, money and energy! Let's let the council worry about the future of our city, not about their seat on city council.

This is my opinion, and I don't expect my employees to have to explain my stance to everyone who comes into Pippi's. (Sock questions, however, please ask away!)
So the Pippsters will be handing out this information to anyone that asks:

This business does not support the recall of Mayor Dave Turner.

We believe in elections.

We believe that it is our duty to defend the votes of the 920 people who put Mayor Turner into office 7 months ago.

We believe that Mayor Turner has upheld the oath of his office and has earned our respect through the thoughtful and informed decisions he has made as a council member over the past 12 years.

We believe that this recall is without grounds and makes vague and unsubstantiated accusations against Mayor Turner.

We believe that for democracy to be effective we elect officials who are willing to listen to and observe the needs of our entire community, not just the loud, angry, wealthy, or influential.

We believe that Mayor Turner is the right person for the job and we give him our full support.

Please join us in NOT signing the recall petition.

visit www.GoFortBragg.com for more information. 

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