Monday, March 3, 2014

What's New at Pippi's

Spring is here, and new socks are arriving all the time!

We finally got some much needed rain up here on the north coast and now it's raining socks.

I am super excited about our new styles and some new lines that we have brought in this season.

SockSmith as usual has put out some amazing new styles.

Um Seagulls eating french fries? Yes please.

And the UfOS abducting unicorns and dinosaurs?!?!?!  The Pippsters here are considering framing this sock and awarding it best sock ever!

And this sock... well it is perfect for any mood and for those unpredictable days!

Hot Sox has also put out some great styles.

Sock it to Me has created some new classics.

We also have lots to cover you on St Patrick's Day this year, here is a peek,

Now I can't spoil everything, you will have to come in to see the rest!  But I will tell you,

Tabbi Socks has some beautiful over the knee socks for spring, and some lovely tights.

Hue is back in stock with new leggings for spring.

Life is Good cozy socks are in again.

Also, on the way more of our wild new line, WonderSocks.
If you missed the "Starbugs" coffee cup knee high from them (and you probably did because it sold out in a weekend), it's on the way!

New Gumball Poodle is also on the way.

And Spring Hats from San Diego Hat Co.

So don't miss out refresh your sock drawer and your wardrobe, get in here!

If you want more sneak peeks follow us on instagram @ PippiSocks

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