Monday, March 24, 2014

What's New at Pippi's?

This week at Pippi's, guess what? More new stuff!

We got more of every one's favorite sock... Smartwool!
New Spring colors and patterns as well as short socks, 1/4 socks and no-shows.
Come in and get them while you can.

We also received some sweet spring shades.
I want need the dotted ones, and I also love the chevron & striped ones! There are a lot more, so we are ready for the sunshine.

A fill in on our Gumball Poodle.

Foot Traffic.

We also have some amazing socks for men right now!!! 
Hot Sox has done art socks for men! Um...David stop looking at Venus like that...
And SockSmith has done it again too, wonderful new socks, but you'll have to come in to see them all!

We also got hats from San Diego Hat co, tons of scarves, and this week we will be getting:
a fill in on K-Bell,  some sweet new stuff from Maileg and Sarut Group, (this means Chicken bags people!) just in time for us to start thinking about Easter....
See you soon.

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