Thursday, April 7, 2011

another day...

Another tough morning.  Both Rowan and I were a little emotional, but the sun came out, we headed to music class and the day turned out to be a really nice day.  We stopped by the shop (the girls had just received a box of new Latico handbags! Can't wait to check them out tomorrow!) then ran a few errands and after Rowan's nap we picked up Pops from work and took a stroll around Mendo.
Taking a stroll with Ro really reminds me to look around and see things I would normally not notice and heck stop and smell the flowers.  I also think it's funny that she remembers where the toys are in every shop we stop in, we all have our priorities.   It looked like the weather might turn so we headed to the golf course and Pops showed Rowan how to hit a ball, so adorable.
 She had tons of fun, (her favorite part might have been putting the balls on the tee...)
This evening my brother came over and babysat so I could take the Hubby out for an early B-day dinner.   Mendo Bistro yum.....we were able to have a real conversation uninterrupted and we even held hands, it was lovely.  Now Baby Zoey is kicking what feels like some important internal organs, I think shes mad that I stuffed myself and left no room for her...10 weeks left till I get to meet this little sweetie<3

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