Monday, April 11, 2011


It's almost tax time and I have sort of just trying to push this out of my mind, but today with computer problems at work (so no book keeping done today) and schedule situations to figure out with Pippi's and day care for Rowan ect.  it just got to me. 

Schedule stuff gets really complicated sometimes in our house because I can't close up shop and run errands or pick up Rowan, and Marshall is a teacher but contrary to popular belief teachers do not get done when school gets out.  And it's not just lesson plans and grading, no they have to spend hours and hours in meetings for all kinds of different things! So when I have to cover the shop outside of my normal days there is a lot of creative scheduling to figure out.  Luckily my mom , who has a pretty full plate herself, understands, and really comes thru for us a lot.  (Thanks mom!)

Anyway, I'm just trying to float along today, and not let this stuff bother me.  Rowan and I get home and I am rocking her for nap time and feeling a little sad that I don't get to be with her tomorrow or most of Wednesday because we are a little short staffed at the moment so I am working, and I just start to cry.  What does my sweet little girl say to me?  "Don't be sad mommy, I will take care of you." Well if that just didn't make me want to cry more, what a sweetheart.  She proceeded to tell me to "Take a deep breath."  What do you know, it worked I did feel a little better.  I thanked her for being so nice and for helping me feel better. We said I love you and she went to sleep. 

So, I am going to try to just keep breathing and float through this week.

On a  happier note, nine more weeks till baby Zoey is due! Yeay! Exciting!  Sadly, I can no longer cross my legs in my chair at work without uncomfortably hitting my belly.  Also, I hope to feel less overwhelmed at work by June and expect to be happily overwhelmed by the new challenge of two children. Plus daddy will be off for the summer so that will be really nice too. 

And a happy socks note, (well socks are always a happy note in my book) we got in some new Life is Good socks today (woot! Snuggle socks!)  Nicole was checking them in when I left, I will post some pictures tomorrow!  There were some really cute socks for the kiddos in those boxes, and I think we should be getting the Life is Good accessories this week too, cute hats for grown-ups and kids!

And the sun came out today! So when Rowan wakes up we might go out to the sidewalk and play with our new super fun sidewalk paint!

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