Thursday, April 7, 2011

This crazy week...

It is only Wednesday (well I guess it's Thursday now) and this week is turning out to be a doozy.  I am not sure why, maybe it's the "terrific twos", maybe it's the change of seasons or maybe it's just me, but Rowan and my mornings have just become a whole lot harder.
Usually Rowan wakes up and comes into our bed and cuddles with me for 15-30 minutes before I start getting ready and she reads books or plays while I do that.  It is a sweet way to wake up and one of my favorite parts of the day, but yeah she's not so much into the cuddling lately...and that's okay, I guess (I hope it's only temporary).
We go downstairs.  She doesn't want to get dressed. doesn't want to have her hair brushed, and has decided that she no longer likes cheerios.  WTF! This girl eats anything and loves food but now she doesn't want breakfast?  Someone must have switched bodies with my baby.  Well, while I breath, try to stay calm, and ponder whose child this could be I also; make getting dressed into a game, let her help me with her hair, talk her into eating...I gather our stuff and look at the clock and oh, we are late again....But we're off!
I drop Rowan of at Johanna's, hugs and kisses, and my sweet heart says from the waving window, "Love you! Have a good day at Pippi's!" and I drive away missing the days (just 6 months ago) when I still brought her to the shop with me,  we had so much fun, sure I was less productive....Anyway I play catch up at work check things off my never ending to do list, get in some cool new socks (Trumpette baby socks, got some cute ones for baby Zoey <3) and work a little longer because my employee got a substitute job this week so she can't come in till 3pm.
I rush to pick Rowan up late, bummer no nap.  Monday night Pippi's store meeting.
Woohoo, Tuesday a Mommy and Ro day, errands, cuddles, books and great day...OMG daddy's birthday is Friday! So birthday planning....Wednesday, another crazy morning.  Sort of an odd day at Pippi's, but good.  Worked long again but I was not worried because it means Rowan goes to bed much quicker than normal.  Unless of course we forgot baby Penny at Johanna's today (yes we did, the baby that she has decided she must sleep with) that was a big bedtime mistake!!! It was a hoorah.  But, Rowan had a good cry and after the meltdown and lots of hugs she fell asleep.
For some reason I decided to start a blog instead of sleeping, but hey sleep is over-rated right?  No that is completely untrue I love sleep.  So off to bed I go.  Tomorrow is a Mommy and Ro day, woohoo,  and Music Together she loves that, I am excited and I hope it does not just started to hail so.....we shall see.

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