Friday, April 22, 2011

The week so far...

We have done a lot this week and it has been great to have Daddy home, I worked a little more in the beginning of the week so I could take advantage of Daddy daycare, and it felt nice to be able to work and take care of all the little things that get pushed down to the bottom of the to do list when my hours at work are so limited. 

We have been busy at Pippi's (woot!) lot's of people in town on spring break, and we have been getting fun spring stuff in. 

(Just got a call from the shop, we got two big orders in today, K-bell and Sock it to Me, yeay!)  I was hoping to get the Country Kids order in this week since it is full of tights and we are out of most of our kids tights, bummer cause everyone needs Easter tights!
But anyway a great fun and productive week.

Here is a little photo re-cap:

Forts with Rowan.

We were are all monsters.

Coffee house with Rowan.


I left the room for a few minutes and come back to find Rowan in her doll stroller! 
(Cute picture , but I did make her get out because i was afraid it would collapse on her.)
Easter egg dying, super fun!

This egg rolled off the table...

Which actually made Rowan really happy because she got to eat it,

and peal it, "All by myself."

And then she just  had to have another,  and I quickly put the eggs away after that!

Nap time.

So much, and still two days left till Daddy is back at work. 

I am excited for Rowan's first real Easter egg hunt I think she will be really into it.  My little brother is in town for Easter too, and I look forward to spending a little time with him.
Also Gaga and Baba are taking Rowan to the Circus tomorrow night I can't wait to hear that story from Ro. Mommy and Daddy might try to squeeze in a movie while they are out or maybe we should just take advantage of having the house to ourselves.
Rowan and I will be working at Pippi's together on Monday and Wednesday because daycare is still closed and Pops is back at school.  I'm sure we will have blast, she loves going to Pippi's <3.

Happy Earth Day and Happy Easter I hope everyone has a great weekend.

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