Friday, April 15, 2011

Ugh, taxes...But, yeah baby socks!

Okay, I've got to stop stressing about a change of subject to hopefully change my mind.
At Pippi's:

We got some super cute baby stuff in at the shop this week!  Zoey was kicking like crazy as I unpacked these, she must have sensed my excitement.
 Ballerina Leggings, love them!!!

 super sweet Life is Good, baby hat & sock sets.  <3
Cuteness is always a good distraction for me...

On a parenting note, Daddy is wanting to drop Rowan's afternoon nap because she goes to sleep so much easier at night for bedtime, (in like 15 minutes instead of a 45-60 minute process.) But I don't know if I want to because;
1) She gets pretty feisty around 4 pm with no nap.
2) I really appreciate one hour to myself during the day (to nap, snack, read or even tidy up uninterrupted.)
3) I worry that she wont get enough sleep without a nap.
4) And, lastly I think it would be nice if she still napped this summer after baby Zoey arrives.  We could have nice cozy family naps, or some one on one time with Zoey or each other...
So, I don't know, for now I feel the nap is needed but we shall see.

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